While our original Chromicolor® products' color develops and disappears temporarily upon changes in temperature, our newly developed Thermolock® is a heat sensitive color changing pigment that performs a semi-permanent color change in which a color disappears and is locked in at or above a threshold temperature. Additionally, the original color will not return under ordinary daily conditions.

Therefore, some possible uses may include temperature control indicators, which were previously difficult to specify on the original Chromicolor®, as well as security products and sensors.

The original color will gradually disappear once it reaches the temperature at which color begins to change. However, the new colorless area will return back to the original color if the temperature does not reach the upper threshold temperature. Once the upper threshold temperature is reached, the colorless area will be locked in semi-permanently. To revert back to the original color, the temperature must be decreased to the lower threshold temperature. The full original color will be attained once the temperature is decreased to the lower maximum threshold temperature. If the lower maximum threshold temperature is attained quickly, the original color may not fully be attained. For optimal results, the lower maximum threshold temperature should be reached gradually once the lower threshold temperature is reached. Although this affects all Thermolock® products, this effect is seen in Thermolock® 72 more.

Due to variations in humidity and environmental conditions, the threshold temperature ranges may vary slightly. For example: in a dry environment, the upper threshold temperature will be higher than in a humid environment. This variation is most noticeable in Thermolock® 79 and Thermolock® 72. Therefore, when non-laminated films are submerged in water, the color we be locked in at the lowest temperature within the range.